Ondřej Pivec

Czech Hammond organ player living in New York City, Ondrej Pivec (28) recently decided to record first studio album of his NY band called CPR Electrio. Expected CD release is March 2013 under Czech label Animal Music, project is backed by American fundraiser Kickstarter

The “CPR” abbreviation means Carter-Pivec-Ruzicka, which are the names of musicians playing in CPR Electrio. Russell Carter is a great American drummer who performs for example together with bass-player of James Brown; Karel Ruzicka Jr. is a brilliant tenor-saxophonist and EWI-player who lives in NYC since 1998.

The trio was formed in New York City. Pivec whom we are used to know mainly as ingenious Hammond organist plays in this band the electronic keyboard, surrounded by synthesizers. The aim of CPR project is to create an eclectic mix of funk, jazz, soul, R’n’B, hip hop, gospel and electronica with only three musicians in such a way that the band sounds there are many more people involved.

The audience is often surprised that we are “missing” a bass-player, or that we don’t use prerecorded loops; they wonder if we are hiding another percussionist or keyboardist behind the stage!” portrays Pivec vividly.

The album was already long time on our minds – so when our friend offered us a day in his recording studio, we knew we were just steps away from the CD. We’ve mentioned the idea to Petr Ostrouchov from Animal Music who instantly showed support, so we were good to go. We’ve practiced like crazy for a month, and then we’ve recorded everything during only one day,” illustrates Pivec the origins of his upcoming album, which is already recorded and waiting for post-production.

  • Ondřej Pivec

Post-production and distribution of the CD is something that Pivec has yet to find finances for. Thus the band has decided to give a chance to a fundraising system supporting various projects via generous support from fans, music lovers and friends:

We have decided to try out the American server Kickstarter that allows financial support for young artists and their projects. The advantage is that only projects that fans deem worthy get the money. We’re starting on Wednesday, November 28th. Everyone can take part – the support is in form of an auction – supporter selects the height of designated pledge for which they – should the project raise enough money – receive various rewards dependent on the span of their support. Every help is welcomed – all investors become a part a team that helps the publishing of an amazing album,” describes Dominika Janigova, Pivec’s manager, the project.

CPR Electrio often plays at various shows in New York state. The band also appeared in Czech Republic during last years’ club night Spotlight by Festival Strings of Autumn, where it gathered great ovations from the audience. We can only hope that Pivec will suceed in getting financial resources for publishing his new album, and look forward to another great music experience.


  • Ondřej Pivec
  • Ondřej Pivec
  • Ondřej Pivec
  • Ondřej Pivec